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Rustic style lunch

Rustic style lunch

The boned chicken legs are seasoned and placed on the wood grill prepared in advance.

While the meatballs are on the grill, prepare the lettuce. The salad is broken into pieces, the onion and radishes are cut. Put in a bowl. sprinkle with salt, add olive oil and vinegar. The bread breaks to be in a rustic tone.

After the meatballs are ready, cut the pieces on a wooden bottom. And the quick lunch is ready

How can you combine two styles - rustic and shabby chic

I told you that today there are no clearly drawn recipes, and this house comes to prove it. We have the opportunity to combine and adapt everything. For example, the shabby chic style might seem too sweet, too feminine. How can you temper it? Combining it with something rustic. And it's not just about furniture or accessories. Everything must be seen on a larger scale. In the end, you will get your own style, which interior design specialists will call eclectic or most often cosmopolitan.

The arrangement of a house begins with what will not be visible. Everything about installations, the comfort of the 21st century must exist, but when you want a warm environment, reminiscent of the traditional, these facilities and equipment must be very well chosen and then masked, as much as possible. In vain you will have shabby chic furniture, if the cables from the TV, computer or extensions around the house will be visible. The atmosphere will definitely be different from the one you imagined. That's why it's important to take care of this technical part from the start. Once it is resolved, the finishes follow.

Well, by finishing you outline a good part of the atmosphere of a house. It matters not only the color and the material, but also their texture. Look, here the house is a very old one, it is about 300 years old, as such and the beams in some rooms (bedrooms) are made of wood with an inimitable look. There are almost 3 centuries in which time has shaped them. And when the architecture of the house is special, it is good to recover what is possible, just to keep the character and personality that come with age. It's like a good wine. And if it's a new home, make sure that the story of the interior decor rhymes with everything that means construction - especially the carpentry of windows and interior doors. Also, take care of pipes, radiators, sockets, switches, sanitary ware, large appliances - necessary things, but which must be well integrated and harmonized.

When the construction elements, installations and finishes are ready, you can say that you have reached the middle of the road in obtaining the desired environment. In this case, what resulted in the first stage, before the actual decoration, is clear in a rustic style (see beams, finishes, stone-clad walls, carpentry). Here's the secret! You can combine two styles very nicely, if you make sure that the background is consistent. You can imagine your empty rooms, only with finishes, as a stage on which the pieces of furniture and decorations are to be grouped. Here, after the floors were covered with wood, the white painted carpentry and the reconditioned wooden beams, the spaces were well defined, the house has already acquired the unitary line from one room to another. As such, further, each room could be easily customized, but the guidance has already been drawn.

There is also a real benefit when you combine two styles. You are no longer under the pressure to match everything obsessively. You have greater margins and freedoms in harmonizing everything. For example, in the living room the coffee table is a simple and robust one. It is more in keeping with the image of the wooden beams than with the feminine shapes of the armchairs and chairs present here. It was also easier to choose a modern rug, simple under it, than if it had a vintage design. The shabby chic style is suggested by a few pieces of patina furniture with that outdated look. Also by the presence of light fixtures in tone (painted iron), the finish of the interior door hardware and small decorations. Otherwise, many of the textiles, curtains, upholstery, bed linen, carpets are in neutral, light, pastel tones.

Have you figured out how to combine styles? Could you adapt something like that to the block? Definitely yes, but adapting means borrowing some of it. You will not be able to get rid of pipes or radiators, but you can integrate them nicely or mask with furniture or textiles. In addition, you should watch out for pieces of furniture. Usually, rustic or Provencal style furniture, as it is here, takes up quite a lot of space, or in our homes is exactly what we do not have. As such, the secret is to suggest styles through the presence of key pieces and impactful decorations, but to take care of the basics - finishes and features - the ones we will change the least, but which we will use daily. . I hope you have clarified what it is like to juggle different styles, but to be harmonized with each other, and that the beautiful home in the pictures helped you in this regard.

Chicken with flavored vegetables in Spanish style

ingredients: a chicken of about 1.5 kilograms, a lemon (cut in half), 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 2 pieces of finely chopped leeks, 2 red bell peppers, 1 yellow pepper, 1 green pepper, 100 grams of black olives pitted, 60 milliliters of oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper.

Method of preparation:

The oven is heated to 200 ° C.

The whole chicken - cleaned of the intestines and other organs - is placed in a tray and filled with lemon halves and two rosemary threads.

The leeks are cut into pieces, the peppers are cut into strips, they are placed in the baking tray, together with the olives, around the chicken. Sprinkle everything with oil, add the rest of the rosemary, salt, pepper. Mix the vegetables with a spoon to cover them with oil.

Put the tray in the oven for an hour - an hour and a quarter, until the chicken is cooked.

Remove the tray from the oven, place the chicken on a chopping board, let the meat rest for 10 minutes and then cut into pieces. Serve on a platter, along with vegetables and sauce from the pan.

How to arrange apartment kitchens according to shape

Kitchens with strange shapes are perhaps the most difficult to arrange. But there are solutions for these as well. Tip: always take into account, when choosing furniture, the shape of the space: long, square, small and narrow or large and generous.

2.1. Long and narrow kitchen

If you have a long kitchen, imagine what it would be like to cook in a straight line. Because that's exactly what you're going to have to do. For such a space, a suggestion would be to be inspired by the Scandinavian style. Choose one furniture to run on an entire wall. With well-defined areas: the area for cooking & # 8211 which includes the oven and hob, the area for washing & # 8211 which will include the sink, the dishwasher and, possibly, the washing machine, and the area to prepare, which is its own countertop -zis.

The end of the kitchen will be represented by a table & # 8211 preferably a round one with 2 & # 8211 4 seats. Above the table is a long chandelier, with warm light falling in the middle.

The choice of lights is important for this type of kitchen, so as not to create the feeling of suffocation. Place many light-emitting bodies: from small spots above the countertop to chandeliers hanging on the wall with adjustable light.

You can paint the walls in warm tones, and as a floor, opt for a white parquet, for example.

2.2. Square kitchen

A square-shaped kitchen is the space that probably everyone who goes through the "arrangement" chapter wants. In such a space, L-shaped kitchens are best suited. Here you can easily fit not only the furniture, but also the large appliances and a table delimiting the countertop. You can choose that the inside of the table is not occupied by chairs and so you can arrange a few shelves for spices or containers with flavored oil.
The colors can be to your heart's content from non-colors, gray-white, to strong shades. Such as fuchsia or raw green. Be careful, however, if you opt for the latest variants, leave the walls white and do not over-accessorize the space with DECORATION different.

2.3. Small kitchens

Small kitchens can be a real challenge for those who arrange them, whether they are professional designers or simple owners who go to work alone. Because small kitchens are of several styles: elongated, square, rectangular, and the style of arrangement must differ.

If you have a small and narrow kitchen, you should pay attention to one important aspect: color. Choose neutral shades, so as not to visually crowd the space. If you have a window, place the sink next to it, and on either side of the sink place the countertop, storage units, and appliances.

In such a space the disadvantage is that you will not have room for a classic table. But, you can set up a small bar where you can serve snacks or enjoy morning coffee.

If your small kitchen has a square or rectangular shape. Follow the same principle: choose neutral colors for space and, where the walls allow, place many mirrors.

They are not only chic, but when you enter the room you will have the impression that your kitchen is much bigger than it is written in the sketch of the apartment.

Unlike the small and narrow kitchen, the rectangular kitchen could allow you to place a table. Choose a round model, made of white wood or wrought iron, to which you can match 2 chairs in the same style.

Here are some images from which you could be inspired when arranging your small kitchen:

2.4. Large kitchens

In a large kitchen, the limit is the sky. But don't forget the good taste. Here you can play with the design of the furniture, with the color palette and with decorations. In a large kitchen you can also arrange the dining area and, if you like the American style, you can even sit here a couch.

For a large kitchen, you can confidently choose solid wood furniture. The prices are not low at all, but the quality is invaluable. In addition, this type of furniture does not deteriorate easily and will look good over time.

If you still have a generous space, arrange the kitchen on 2 or even 3 walls, especially if you also have bright windows. Take the opportunity and ask the designer to design many cabinets and drawers for you. In which you can store from sets of plates and glasses, to cutlery, pots or household appliances. Don't forget the small spaces where you can easily store spices or containers with oil and vinegar.

And the kitchen countertop must be generous. If you choose solid wood furniture, then it is advisable that the countertop is also made of thick wood. And, from the same material, you can opt for a kitchen island, where you can serve meals or the space can be used for cooking.

Pay special attention to lighting fixtures, because the way the light falls can benefit or disadvantage your kitchen design.

Because the space is large, choose either massive lighting fixtures or several chandeliers. Medium in size, which you can place on top of the kitchen island. In the countertop area you can opt for an LED strip, whose light will be useful when cooking in the evening, but will also give a modern air to the space.

If solid wood is not exactly a material to your taste, you can also go for the idea of ​​arranging the kitchen in Nordic style. In this case, choose a laminated wood furniture with a glossy look and simple lines.

If you turn to an interior designer, ask them to make you some renderings, so that you can see exactly how you place the kitchen furniture, so that you don't waste the space.

In a large kitchen you have enough space to sit and a small table with chairs tall, which you can use to serve snacks or coffee. Or you can arrange it directly dining area. Choose the table and chairs in tune with the furniture, so as not to mix the styles of arrangement.

Here are some ideas on how to set up a large kitchen.

Ingredients Greek Salad

  • 80 grams of feta cheese
  • 250 grams of well-ripened tomatoes, ready to clean
  • 50 grams of ready-cleaned bell peppers (I used yellow peppers to enrich the color palette, it works for anyone)
  • 50 grams of garden cucumber (or greenhouse) ready to be seeded (and peeled, optional)
  • 25 grams of chopped onion fish
  • 6-8 olives (depending on size)
  • 1 teaspoon grated dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional)
  • 1 pinch of salt

Preparation of Greek Salad

Preparing vegetables

From the beginning, I specify that the above ingredients are for a portion & # 8211 for my breakfast & # 8211 and are perfectly balanced according to my taste. I dosed them so that no strong-tasting ingredient would unbalance the others. Maybe I'm a little generous with cheese, though. Let's say it can be reduced to 50 grams / serving, if you want.

1. First, wash the cucumbers well with cold water. Optionally, they can be peeled. I don't do it, especially because there are cucumbers in my garden and I know I haven't sprayed them with any chemicals. I just cut them lengthwise and dig out the seeds with a teaspoon. The seeds are the ones that can cause indigestion and mostly contain water, so there will be no loss.

2. Prepare all the ingredients for the Greek salad: wash and drain the vegetables, cut the tomatoes into pieces (approximately cubes) suitable for a mouthful. Chop onions, peppers and cucumbers peeled from seeds into large cubes. The olives are pressed with the side of the knife blade and the seeds are removed, as we showed in the tuna salad recipe. Cut the cheese into cubes or slices (as you prefer).

Assembling the salad

3. Put all the ingredients for the Greek salad in a bowl and add very little salt, because both the cheese and the olives are salty. We also add oregano, as long as we catch it with two fingers. Mix well. Here I deviated a little from the continental-Greek recipe to the Cypriot one, adding a drop of lemon juice. It is up to everyone to decide whether or not they want an extra drop of acidity.

4. Immediately add the extra virgin olive oil. I now add half the cubes of feta cheese and half the olives, mix the salad and mount it on the plate, and I will add the rest of the cheese and olives on top.

5. Place the Greek salad, trying to give it a high shape, as attractive as possible, spread the feta cheese (and the rest of the olives, if you do as I do) on top and sprinkle with dried oregano. Ready to eat!

Greek salad, calories

Before I tell you, I want to specify that a portion of Greek salad prepared exactly as above has 381 calories, ie it is a moderate breakfast for a person who is not very active. Those who move more than & # 8211 admit with shame & # 8211 do it (or don't do it, rather), can afford 2-3 slices of good bread next to this wonderful salad. Oh, I can only tell you great appetite!

Mini sandwiches prepared with pressed ham

Prepare the most delicious sandwich recipes. It does not require special ingredients or too much time for preparation. It is important to give up bread and opt instead for tortilla or pita slices. Surely this kind of healthy recipes is to your liking. On a slice of tortilla spread put:

  • putina grated mozzarella,
  • 2 slices of pressed ham from chicken or turkey,
  • a few slices of bell pepper
  • a few lettuce leaves.

Roll the sandwich then cut it into small pieces likesushi’. You can replace the pepper with other fresh vegetables or avocados. One serving of this preparation contains about 280 calories.

You want a traditional style home, decorating tips

Decorating the house in traditional style, Photo:

Decorating the house in a traditional style It seems strange for many people who have embraced the most modern design for their home, believing that the rustic style can be attributed only to forgotten mountain cottages or cottages in the villages of Maramures. This is far from the case. Decorating your home in the traditional style can be a real challenge for homeowners, but the rustic style is very complex and very special.

The square is invaded by the multitude of modern decorations and the interior design has evolved considerably and fewer and fewer people still remember the origins, the Romanian tradition and culture, the simplicity of the traditional style. As I said before, it is not necessary to talk about a cottage in a mountain area or a guesthouse meant to attract as many tourists as possible to think of a traditional Romanian design, because we can bring the characteristic elements of this style. in any home, both in the case of an apartment and in the case of a house.

Not many people still embrace this style so interesting and with so many special elements, because most are attracted by the exciting offers on the market, most homes are characterized by monotony from this point of view, because society tends to be uniform in all respects.

How is the rustic style characterized?
When you think about decorating your home in a traditional style, you will certainly think of some elements that characterize this style, but it seems that they no longer find their place among the multitude of modern elements and styles. We cannot offer a clear definition of the rustic style because each person has his own perception regarding the way he arranges and decorates his house.

The rustic style in the house is characterized, above all, by simplicity, refinement and good taste. The traditional style is characterized by the warmth of the family and the connection with the past, with the origins, offering the home an environment through which the connection with nature is created. Moreover, as I said before, the rustic style is suitable for any type of home, both spacious houses and small apartments. If you live at home and love the rustic style, you can even adopt it for arranging a small relaxing corner in the garden.

There are also people who love the traditional style but want to inspire the rustic spirit with an air of modernity. The combination between rustic and modern can be special and even harmonious if the elements are chosen and especially positioned properly. If until now you used to place only traditional objects in a corner of the house, it's time to embrace this special style that will surely add to your home that much needed air of originality.

The rustic style suits any room, but in order for everything to blend harmoniously, certain rules will be followed. Decorating the house in a traditional style involves, as I said in the previous lines, naturalness and good taste. Moreover, the rustic style inspires besides naturalness and simplicity, and resistance, the whole aspect being a pleasant and very relaxing one.

• Starting from the chromatic, the most suitable colors for this style are the natural ones or, better said, which inspire naturalness, simplicity but also that warmth and joy of the soul. Among the most suitable colors are beige, cream, light brown, yellow and brick. They must characterize both the walls and the floor and some pieces of furniture. The floor must be characterized by hardness, especially since the pieces of furniture are quite heavy.

• As for curtains or draperies, they must be very rich and appropriately thick.

• Rustic furniture is undoubtedly characterized by massiveness, most pieces of furniture being made of solid wood. The rustic furniture, although it gives a loaded look by the fact that it is massive, is characterized by simplicity, the pieces of furniture not being engraved or sculpted. The colors of this type of furniture fit into the palette mentioned above. The arrangement of the pieces of furniture must be characterized by linearity in relation to the most important piece of furniture.

• In terms of decorations, the traditional style is very generous, but not everywhere you can find the most suitable decorations for this style. Most Romanian decorative objects will be found at fairs or in mountain areas where it seems that the tradition is still preserved. And on the internet you can find many rustic decorations made, of course, by hand. This is exactly the charm of this style - originality. For example, for the floor you can opt for a very cheerful traditional rug, handmade or, in winter, an artificial fur.

Many rustic decorations are made of wood, wood being the key element that characterizes this style. But ceramic objects also fit very well. Try to use as many ceramic objects as possible if you embrace this special design for your home.

Floral decorations should not be missing either, but on the contrary, they should be found in any room. You can place wicker baskets either for fruit or to store various objects, these being representative of the rustic style. In addition, you can use decorative candles, of course in tune with the rest of the elements.

With a little imagination and the desire to arrange your home in a unique style, your house decorated in a traditional style will represent a real oasis of relaxation and a real bridge of connection and communion with nature.

Rustic style lunch - Recipes

photo by Hellen Smith

What does rustic style mean?

When we use this term we refer to the atmosphere, decor and warm feelings. The presence of elements such as stone, wood, plants and traditional arrangements give a special charm to the room decorated in a rustic style.

If you want a special wedding, away from the noise of the city, in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, and guests feel comfortable and cozy, choose a rustic-style restaurant. It is interesting that this design is characteristic of mountain cottages precisely for the specific elements borrowed from Romanian folklore that induce a state of relaxation.

How can you organize a rustic style wedding?

For this you can call a wedding agency to help you with advice, but you can continue reading this article to find out more details that could answer some questions.

For a start, you should know that this style comes from the village and most likely in the areas farthest from the city you will find the place you are looking for, more precisely in rural, mountainous and often in barns.

Although the restaurants are arranged in a certain style, if you think that something is not enough and there are spaces that you would like to cover with wooden ornaments, wildflowers, fruits and other decorations specific to the rustic style, contact a decoration company , which will offer you a wide range of thematic options.

As you probably guessed the most suitable seasons for a rustic wedding they are summer and autumn. Even if autumn is devoid of the summer heat and you will no longer see all the constellations in the sky, the colors of autumn, from yellow to dark red or purple will lift your mood, guests will be charged with positive energy and the pictures will be stunning. colorful and beautiful.

And now let's talk about the menu. The most "tasty" part of weddings. If you chose this design we can conclude that you like it too traditional food! For this reason, do not hesitate to put on the table some sarmale, steak, homemade cheese and what other recipes from Moldovan cuisine you know.

Finally, we suggest a restaurant specific to the rustic style for your dream wedding

THE DREAM restaurant

restaurant Dreamlike is one hour away from Chisinau in Orheiul Vechi, the restaurant combines all the elements of the old style in a very elegant and simple at the same time.

Many couples tied their fortunes inside this fairytale restaurant, and were satisfied with the welcoming atmosphere and the view around.

The room is comfortable and has a capacity of up to 180 people, and the service is at the highest level, on the table are placed tasty dishes of traditional cuisine Moldovan, but also European.

Caring for the bride and groom and guests is the priority of the staff Dream!

This year we assure you that you will have the long-awaited wedding. Create perfect moments in the most touching style!

Rawckers-style lunch

What do you do if you decide to change your lifestyle and give up your old omnivorous diet?

What do you do if you are the only one in the family who started on this path and you are exactly the person who prepared the meals for the whole family and who continues to do so?

How do you get over the meal, the hunger and the flavors of the dishes you just prepared? There are moments when you feel the decision shake and after three or four hours of cooking you feel like leaving everything behind, sitting at the table with your family as you always did and enjoying the delicious food you just brought out. one from the oven. Not to mention the sideways glances and & # 8220 encouragement & # 8221 of those you love and who love you, but who believe that everything is just a joke, that the days will pass and you will become who you have always been.

For the moments when you don't have time to cook and for yourself, it's good to have something set aside to be the basic food of the meal. You will then supplement with some fresh and / or cooked vegetables from what you have prepared for everyone in the house, so that you have on your plate all the nutritional principles & # 8211 proteins, carbohydrates, good fats and of course vitamins and enzymes.

After all, your diets should only differ in their protein source. The more you are oriented towards live vegetable food, the better it will be for everyone, because they will benefit from a larger amount of fresh vegetables. The side effect will be beneficial, provided you do not insistently ask anyone to taste at least a little of your food.

A few days ago I went through such a challenge. After cooking all morning I lined up on the plate for lunch a sour pumpkin soup with lemon juice and richly flavored with dill flower, a nutmeg in which I had artistically mixed some potatoes, meat, eggs and cream, which also looked it smelled wonderful, as well as a lightly smoked cabbage and the necessary hot peppers. All fresh, all warm. It takes willpower, not joke, to ignore and stay true to your vegan diet. If I didn't have some spare parts in the fridge, I would probably leave it out and taste everything.

The rescue came from Rawckers. After arranging my plate nicely and quenching my hunger, it was no longer a problem to wait for my family at lunch and to pass the temptations on the plates with flying colors. We were joined only by the zucchini soup that we enjoyed leisurely & # 8211 a good excuse to be at the table together.

Alternative salad package. 10 healthy gourmet sandwiches

A faster alternative to salads are sandwiches as packaged food, but made from healthy and quality ingredients. The most suitable bread remains mayonnaise bread, preferably wholemeal and with seeds. The two slices should not exceed 100 grams together, to stay somewhere at a level of about 300 kcal.

There are a number of ideal combinations that make a sandwich a complete and pleasant lunch without being heavy (without industrial sauces):