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Video recipe cookies

Video recipe cookies

Video recipe cookies by Flavia Imperatore of 24-02-2015 [Updated on 06-06-2016]

In today's video recipe I prepare cookies, the famous American biscuits with chocolate drops in the dough. There are infinite variations both overseas and here with us: simple, with double chocolate, with almonds, with oat flakes. I propose a recipe for cocoa cookies with white chocolate chips, delicious!


How to make cookies

You start by working the butter with the two types of sugar to cream, then add it. It continues by also combining the flour, cocoa, bicarbonate, and salt until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. At this point you can also add the chocolate chips, which will enrich your cookies with flavor and color and with moist hands you will model balls to be placed on a previously buttered baking tray, spaced apart. So you just have to cook them in the oven at 180 ° for 12 minutes, let them cool and enjoy these delicious cookies.

Video: Chocolate Chip Cookies Classic Version - (January 2022).