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Sarde A Beccafico

Sarde A Beccafico

Sarde a beccafico recipe by of 01-07-2018 [Updated on 02-10-2018]

The Sarde A Beccafico they are a typical Sicilian recipe, especially from Palermo, Messina and Catania, where they are called "Sardinians in beccaficu". It will therefore not be difficult for you to imagine how many variations of the same recipe exist in Sicily (and all original), on the other hand we are talking about a dish recognized and included in the list of traditional Italian food products (P.A.T.) of Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.
To prepare the sardines alla beccafico, I made the mix of a few recipes, here the fish fillets are stuffed with a filling based on breadcrumbs, raisins and pine nuts, rolled and baked in the oven perfuming everything with laurel, but you can also make them with a filling made with pecorino and then fried. The recipe is very easy, the only boring thing is clean the sardines, but don't be scared about it, you can always ask your trusted fishmonger to help you.
In short, after pasta with sardines, I could not help but try to make this other recipe which, needless to say, won me over at the first taste: P
Docks friends and happy Sunday!


How to make sardines a beccafico

Clean the sardines, open them like a book and remove the bones.

Toast the breadcrumbs with oil and pine nuts in a pan.
Meanwhile, soften the raisins in the water.
Once squeezed, add it to the pan with chopped parsley, salt and pepper and mix.

Now stuff the sardines by putting a little of the mixture on one end and roll up.

Transfer all the stuffed sardines into a baking dish lightly sprinkled with oil.
Add some bay leaves and cover with more aromatic breadcrumbs.
Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 7-8 minutes.

Your beccafico sardines are ready to be brought to the table.

Video: Sarde a Beccafico - Trattoria Palermo - Mamma Ciccina (December 2021).