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The 30 Best Pubs Outside of Ireland (and America)

The 30 Best Pubs Outside of Ireland (and America)

You don’t need to fly out to the Emerald Isle just to get a satisfying pub experience

The 30 Best Pubs Outside of Ireland (and America)

“Pubs: The Official Sunblock of Ireland” is a popular phrase displayed across touristy t-shirts. Who knew it could carry so much truth? With an Irish pub nearby, there is no need for sunblock, because it’s easy to stick around until the sun goes down — and usually far longer. Irish pubs are magnetic. They have a distinct allure that is unmatchable by ordinary bars.

30. GrandKhaan Irish Pub — Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

While thoroughly Irish — with its Irish whiskey list and Irish lamb stew — Grand Khaan is also irrepressibly Mongolian. That’s a good thing: alongside standard pub fare, you can order Mongolian dumplings, ginseng hot pot soup, or ox tongue with your potato salad. Fun fact: nachos in Mongolia use bolognese instead of chili.

29. Boston Arms — London

The floors may be sticky, but who goes to pubs for the cleanliness? It’s all about beer, and the brews at Boston Arms are cheap! The prices cater to the old Irishmen and working class people who occupy this public house. There’s a TV for the sports lovers, and live Irish music for the culture aficionado.

28. Ryan’s Irish Pub — Accra, Ghana

Bright yellow and roofed, Ryan’s Irish Pub is the epitome of welcoming, which is what every good Irish pub aims to be. Expats, travelers, and locals share their experiences of Ghana over Western comfort food. There’s football on the television, plus trivia and karaoke nights.

27. The Cross North Tavern — Mexico City

One of the few Irish pubs in Mexico, let alone Latin America, The Cross is a great pit stop on your bar crawl. Though the music is different from the Irish norm, they have an immense beer selection worthy of the Emerald Isle. Can’t decide between beer and whiskey? No need to settle; order the cross cocktail, concocted of dark beer and whiskey.

26. The Dubliner’s — Dubai

A traditional Irish pub in a five-star hotel? Only in Dubai. The Dubliner’s at Le Méridien is beautifully decorated, as are its gourmet plates. The soup of the day comes in a pot with a lid, the appetizer mushrooms are cooked in Guinness, and this might be the only place in the world where an appetizer sampler includes samosas along with chicken wings and jalapeño poppers.

25. Shamrock Irish Bar — Albufeira, Portugal

The Irish-owned and Irish-run Shamrock Irish Bar, located in the beautiful coastal region of Algarve in southern Portugal, serves the classic drinks of Ireland and Portugal in its second-floor location off of Albufiera’s main street, colloquially called “Bar Street.” It is more of a refuge than a hotspot, which is that’s just what this bustling party town needs.

24. O’Malleys — São Paulo

When the welcome mat is a picture of a colored Guinness harp surrounded by the words “Home away from home,” you know you’ve found an oasis. Typically filled with expats and travel industry workers, many of whom are only stopping by for the night, O’Malleys is known for the shameless flirting among its patrons. May the luck of the Irish be with you.

23. Rory’s Irish Bar — Phnom Penh

Conveniently located in close proximity to the Royal Palace, National Museum, and the river, Rory’s Irish Bar and Guesthouse is a great place to chat with fellow travelers. Though the Guinness comes only in cans, the bar has an excellent Irish whiskey selection and great Irish flag-colored shots.

22. Bridie O’Reilly’s — Melbourne

Bridie O’Reilly’s beautiful entrance on Chapel Street in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra looks more like that of an old bank than of a pub. With a great outdoor seating area, this backpackers’ favorite serves some of the city’s best food and drink deals, like the pint of Guinness with beef and Guinness pie for 20 AUD ($15.29 USD), or the “monster” Sunday roast for 25 AUD ($19.12 USD).

21. The Tara — Amsterdam

If you aren’t too keen on going to bars that are super dive-y, The Tara is internationally celebrated for its interesting, upscale décor. It’s spacious enough for large groups, which is key in this party animal city. Live it up at the bar, or kick back on leather sofas by the fire if that’s more your cup of whiskey.

20. Down Town Matias — Buenos Aires

Down Town Matias, located in the Retiro district of Buenos Aires and established in 1973, is one of the first Irish pubs to open in Argentina. It has since expanded into nine different locations. With over 120 whiskeys and a diverse selection of craft beers, it is the capital’s go-to spot for all things Irish.

19. Connolly’s Corner — Paris

Back in the day, if you were walk into Connolly’s Corner wearing a tie, you would’ve had to cut it off and give it to the owner. If that doesn’t help you loosen up and have a pint after a long day’s work, I don’t know what will. These days, the pub is a bit more business-friendly, but it’s still the spot for a quick dance and some folk music.

18. Delaney’s — Hong Kong

Opened in 1994 by two Irishmen who thought Hong Kong ought to have a place that serves Guinness, Delaney’s now has three locations (Wan Chai, Kowloon, and Pokfulam). BEEF magazine voted its Irish Hereford beef sirloin “The World’s Best Steak.”

17. Scruffy Murphy’s — Sydney

Scruffy Murphy’s has some of the best bar deals out there. Their website advertises specials from $5 pints to $0 pizzas. You read that correctly: free pizza. The management keeps some of the steals mysterious, but they let it be known that they have $10 Toohey (Australian beer) jugs. You’ll most likely hear a section of people drunkenly singing (and may end up joining in).

16. O’ Reilly’s Irish Pub – Frankfurt

O Reilly’s is a colossal space with impressive woodwork, a plentiful international drink list, and drunken, communal karaoke. It’s no wonder why it’s such a hot spot. It’s all about location, location, location. Perched close to the train station, it’s the perfect place to have a quick drink before heading off to Barcelona or Paris.

15. The Irish Times — Phuket, Thailand

You can’t expect a place so famous for its nightlife to not have an Irish pub as one of its hot spots. The Irish Times’s main perks include regular live music, gammon steak, and all-day Irish breakfast.

14. Dublin — São Paulo

The outside of Dublin will draw you in like a moth to a flame with its simple architecture and neon fluorescent signs. And, like the brightness of the signs, the Irish pub itself has a bit of Brazilian flair, with a live band followed by a DJ to keep you dancing in true Brazilian spirit.

13. The Bog — Christchurch, New Zealand

While its sky blue threshold and cozy interiors are welcoming and homey, the star feature of The Bog is its participation in the Guinness 100 Pint Club, in which bars across New Zealand reward Guinness stalwarts who drink 100 pints of Guinness over the course of a year.

12. Porterhouse Irish Pub — Sydney

You’ll get your bang for your buck at Porterhouse. Whether you choose to devour a Guinness pie or fish and chips, the portions will satisfy your belly and accommodate your drunken munchies. Don’t make the typical American tourist mistake of waiting to be served. When it comes to food, go up and order and they will bring it to you.

11. Molly Bloom’s — Tel Aviv

Named after the wife of Leopold Bloom, the Irish Jew protagonist of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Molly Bloom’s was the first Irish pub to open in Israel. With great happy hour specials and loyalty cards, and, more importantly, apple pie with Bailey’s custard, there is no better place in Israel to shake off a workday (or celebrate St. Paddy’s and Bloomsday).

10. The Dubliner — Stockholm

The Dubliner in Stockholm is the most authentic Irish pub in the surrounding area. Want some proof? Twenty draft beers, over 30 bottled beers, and six nations of rugby all in one Irish pub. Guinness, Kilkenny and John Smith's are all poured to perfection. Born-and-bred Irishmen and women praise this pub as craic, which is Irish slang for a fun time.

9. The Auld Shillelagh — London

An emerald in the rough, the Auld Shillelagh, situated on the corner of a cobblestone alleyway, is a tiny but intimidating dive bar that frightens some because they feel like a fight could break out at any moment. But the locals describe it as genuine, with a welcoming staff and authentic Irish Tayto chips to nibble on.

8. McKibbin's Irish Pub — Montreal

Established in 1912, the century-old McKibbin’s on Bishop Street has an entire section of its menu dedicated to Guinness dishes: Guinness nachos, Guinness burger, Guinness wings, and a French onion soup that swaps gruyère for aged Guinness Cheddar.

7. Shenannigans — Darwin, Australia

With walls covered in vintage Guinness posters, Shenannigans in Darwin — the beautiful seaport and capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory — stays true to its name when it comes to fun and revelry. It even has a casino in the back. Though very authentically Irish, the bar don’t shy away from serving Australian favorites like crocodile, kangaroo, and barramundi.

6. Stolly’s — Paris

Stolly’s makes a lasting impression because of the friendly vibes emanating from every facet of the venue. This is a safe haven for ex-pats and Anglophone wanderers alike. You’re bound to cheers almost everyone in the pub, and you’ll most certainly leave with a few more friends than you came with at the beginning of the night.

5. Muddy Murphy’s — Singapore

Muddy Murphy’s is so Irish that it was actually built in Dublin, then dismantled and shipped to Singapore’s Orchard Road in 1997. Its beef and Guinness pie and Irish farmhouse breakfast are as Irish as nosh can get in Singapore. You can enjoy your Guinness — or Kilkenny ale — in one of their two courtyards, or their woodsy “cottage and barn” area.

4. Molly Malone’s — Prague

From its excellent whiskey selection, frothy Guinness, and immaculate Irish coffee, Molly Malone’s will surely quench all varieties of thirst. It boasts a rustic charm, and is filled with tables made from old sewing machines and beds, all surrounded by mismatched chairs and a fireplace.

3. The Abbey Theater — Rome

Named after the world-famous Irish national theater founded by William Butler Yeats, this picturesque pub, just a few steps from Piazza Navona, displays stage props and costumes from the original Abbey Theatre on its walls.

2. The Tipperary — London

The Tipperary is the oldest Irish bar in London. Flecked with shamrock mosaics on the floors, it’s a small joint that fills up quickly. You’ll be elbow to elbow if you come with four or more, since it’s mostly standing room, but you’ll walk out satisfied — and walk in the next time with the friendly owners calling out your name.

1. The Fiddler — Sydney

Looking to get married in an Irish pub? Look no further than The Fiddler in Sydney. That and some of your wildest dreams are made available at this super-pub. You can even stay the night after you’ve finished however many pints you can stomach. Does it get any better? Mix that with a nightclub, kid-friendly menu, and an in-house amphitheater. There’s no way to top this Irish pub Disneyland.

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